Melodie Naturals Vegan Playsilks

Secondly– real silk is expensive. Understandably, of course, due to the intensive labor involved– but that doesn’t change that we are an average middle-class family with 4 wonderful yet destructive boys. We like to find the balance between beautiful, durable, and affordable when finding open-ended toys for them to enjoy.

We hope you will enjoy our play scarves just as much as we do. Our goal is not only to provide affordable high-quality products to our customers. It is also to enable countless hours of joyful quality time shared between parents and their children. Because we believe that the key to a better world lies in better childhoods 💛🧡❤️💚💙💜

Our playsilks are our #1 seller, no surprise there! Because as parents, we can confidently affirm that play scarves are the ultimate open-ended toy. Capes, playscapes, doll carriers, makeshift kites, sensory stimulation– the possibilities are truly endless.

We love the way play silks inspire our kids’ imagination and help them develop their creativity.

You may have noticed us call them play scarves instead of playsilks. That’s because Melodie Naturals innovated the first vegan play scarves which truly feel as close to real silk as possible. Flowy, airy, smooth, and light. Just like playsilks are supposed to feel!

Why vegan? Well, two reasons.

First, while we love natural materials we don’t love that 1000 silk worms are boiled alive to produce just 5 ounces of silk.


Kids naturally develop their creativity by using our play scarves to create their own costumes


Our play scarves drape wonderfully to create beautiful settings for Waldorf-style nature tables, small world playscapes, and decor for wooden birthday candle rings



Research has shown that children benefit immensely from sensory stimulation. As parents of neurodivergent kiddos, we especially love meeting sensory needs for children with a need for stimulation. For sensory-avoidant kids, the gentle and smooth feeling of playsilks against their skin may help with occupational therapy.